Movement Alchemy Process (continued)

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MAP stands for Movement Alchemy Process.  Unique to this process is the creation of a Living Map, a linear representation of a personal life path that moves through each individuals past, present and future. Participants time travel with their bodies as the vehicle of transportation. while integrating shifts in awareness through creative movement, appreciative journaling, mindful meditation and active witnessing. 

Listen for Truth
Insight Appears

   "Not knowing is the most Intimate." B.S, Rajneesh



We live in a world where we are expected to know. This creates an experience of worry, worry causes internal noise in our head that deafens our truth. What if you could relax more fully into your inner nature so that you could hear your inner voice as your true authority and compass? beingLived guides you in cultivating self-knowing awareness through sensation, feeling and authentic impulse. Insight arrives organically and with surprising ease.

Creative Process

" Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties."  Erich Fromm


Basically the MAP is a self-designed labyrinth that moves through your personal past, present and future experiences or relationships. The process of designing the map is individual, creative and unique. Some people begin with designing it on paper first, others seek out a resonance with the physical space itself and employ a kind of kinesthetic intuition as a guide. Drawing an actual map of your past, present and future is a somewhat linear (left brain) container for all of your emotion and memory and insight (right brain) that occurs through the experience. Another gift of drawing our paths is that it stimulates the imagination. Through image, symbol, and metaphor we are communicating directly with our heart knowing. Once moving on the map, you are guided from within. It is very empowering to feel a sense of agency on your path. 


Imagine a spiral that brings us back to the same landscape over and over. With each turn of the spiral we gain more knowledge and insight. Therefore our perspective on the landscape of our life changes. The same sacred story takes on a deeper meaning with each turn of the spiral, becoming more and more inclusive. 

Inside to Outside

"What if we could be aware of what our body is already aware of ?"   Carlos Aya Rosas


Our body is our home. Our gift.  We may take this fact for granted yet our body is our first world, Our portal of connection here on earth. Our narratives, belief systems, world views, bodily contractions, streaming pulsations and yearning for that which is beyond the self - all live in our soma (body).The more time that we give to this primary relationship, as in any generative partnership, the more we will align with our deep nature, which is love, and layer by layer of our body will begin to feel a flow of love moving within our being. When we can feel it in our body, we can reference the sensation by choice and increase the time that we spend here. 


Our body is our template, our altar, our muse, our library...beingLived invites us to go wild...meaning as we were intended to be- naturally, in motion and in stillness. Somatic movement describes movement that is sensed and shaped from within, rather than from an external source. The value of this perspective is immeasurable and relevant all at once.. 

Body Memory
Reclaim Energy

" What you cannot find in your own body, you will not find elsewhere."  Upanishads


Our body holds memories that are stored as kinetic energy in the sheaths of our body-mind, our consciousness. We even carry memory from  one incarnation to another, although these memories are not readily available. We might forget, but our body remembers. In the  beingLived process, you will be invited to return to a moment or relationship in the past, and with an easy to learn 3 part process, you will remember, reclaim and redirect that energy through your body.  


beingLived maintains that our body’s experience is an ongoing bodily felt process from which meaning evolves. Lasting change can only occur when we sense an experience of difference. We utilize whole brain knowing thru integration of both hemispheres - our right brain is feeling for what is emerging, and our left brain languages and names that something something which was diffuse, unidentified albeit present. 

Capturing Light

"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect." Anais Nin


Hand writing and even typing uses the left side of our brain - even though it feels automatic. While the left side is occupied with the task of holding a pencil, or finding the correct key...our right brain is free to create, intuit and feel. Writing from our interior can clarify feelings, discover solutions, create new worlds and capture our point of view as it unfolds. Such a record can provide valuable insight and affirmation after we have left the beingLoved session, and sometimes offers us a way to share our experience with another. In between sessions, journaling is useful to write from our interior as a record of our changes, insights and can build a bridge from one session to the next...flashes of insight can come during and also leave. Dream journals act in much the same way - fleeting insight captured.

Active Witnessing

"To become human is to become visible while carrying what is hidden as a gift to others."   David Whyte


We each have our path, and yet we do not travel alone. There is something hugely affirming in being seen as well as being the seer. Initially you will travel the MAP solo while also being aware of your fellow travelers. During this period we might take a moment to pause and seethe life moving around us. In seeing a landscape of human experience expressed through movement, while staying present to our own felt experience, we reveal empathy without even knowing explicitly what may be occuring. We then find a partner to travel our path with us. They serve only to witness our journey, as we practice being visible. We invite being seen going to our one precious life as our teacher. As we become generous with our presence, our process, accepting ourselves whle leaning into something we may have resisted, we become a gift to others. The connections created in this place are deeply felt and transformative. 







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