beingLoved soul sessions

Receiving support during a transitional time can offer ease and insight that may help integrate your current process with your future success.


Something magical occurs when we slow down, close our eyes and listen to our body. Our awareness grows and we can more easily attune to our inner world. There are many jewels buried in the darkness, many sensations and emotions that are thirsty for our attention. These soul sessions begin with you finding a comfortable place to begin in stillness and relative silence. As an ally on your journey, I will witness your discoveries. I will hold space for you to move or be still, following a "stream of moving consciousness". After a time we will  transition into a one-on-one Circle (see Circling). The entire session can run from 60-90 mins.

Sessions are currently being scheduled MON-SAT 11a-6pm  Read about the experience here.

Most sessions occur at my home studio in South Austin. 

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