"E M E R G E N C E  participants are saying: 



David Swedloe, Austin, TX

"The first time that I ever encountered DeepPlay, I discovered that my body knew how to move, and I've been exploring just how deeply it desires to move ever since. The first time I Circled, I discovered how to listen to my body relate, and I have been deepening my practice every day. The brilliance of combining movement and circling in a weekend workshop is divine inspiration.


I discovered that I am so much more than the me that I thought I knew. My exquisite longing to connect to others has a quality of such sweet sadness that my heart feels broken open, and in the same day, the same hour, the same minute, I also get to experience the joy of bridging that gap and playing in the oneness that is "us." I danced the path to the present and beyond, and keep bringing my gifts forward."


Maria La Macchia, Minneapolis, MN

 "I attended the EMERGENCE Circling retreat in February 2016. The name of this retreat is very fitting because it has been over a year from the time of this retreat and I am still repeating the benefits and EMERGING as a new version of myself. During the retreat I had the opportunity to experience an activity that Liz designed which combines art and dance. The way Liz facilitated this gave me the opportunity to reach deep into the depths of the mind, heart, and soul. Being no artist, I had no idea how the drawing portion of the activity would come out, but when accompanied with dance, the art seemed to create itself. Combing movement with color really captured the essence of what I was feeling in a way that I have never experienced before. Liz instructed us to choose a place on the floor and our canvas that would represent our past, present, and future. The roller coaster that was dance and color truly expressed part of me that I did not know existed but was willing and ready EMERGE. I am finally writing from the place of future, a joyous place that I had only known of from writing and creating it in the activity. Over the past year I have been struggling with mental anguish, slowly making my way through the past and present. Every once in a while I would look upon that picture and know where I was in my journey through pain. It has served quite literally as a timeline and without it I would not have had much hope of knowing that the pain would someday lift. I am so fulfilled, feeling like I have truly EMERGED and I am so grateful for Liz's genius creation. Liz's activities can help those who need a more creative and unique way of tapping into themselves. I highly recommend attending her retreats. Liz is a great guide and can assist people alike through transforming themselves." 


Annabeth Novitski, Austin, TX

"When other weekend plans got cancelled, I followed a whim and a friend's recommendation and went to Houston for Emergence: Embodied Circling Immersion. I'd been to one circling immersion weekend before so I thought I knew what to expect.


How silly of me.


For me, the experience of circling is like verbally inviting people to tour my soul, my heart, and my thoughts. The more I choose to show them, the more they notice nooks and crannies I'd never seen before. I chose to show a lot at Emergence. It was emotionally intense and fantastically rewarding. I'm able to see life as a beautifully messy experience, immensely flawed in its immense perfection."




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