Discovering Unique Expression Together


Who are you and who are you in relationship with another? 


D U E T is a movement practice that invites self-inquiry through dance and moving dialogue between two partners.  We will explore the terrain of our body, heart and soul together and apart. Drawing from rich sources such as Soul Motion, CoCrea, and Authentic Movement, 

D U E T creates an environment of play, self-inquiry and intimacy through authentic connection and embodied awareness.


No prior dance experience or partner is required to begin. A willingness to be vulnerable and approach everything with a beginner's mind is welcomed here.


Classes are 75-90 mins and begin with a guided warm up, solo dancing into partner discovery and dance.  We will end in a group meditation. 


Currently D U E T classes are on break. Look for upcoming workshops this Spring, and consider bringing D U E T to your event, community, or relationship.





Private Sessions are available by request.


Wedding Packages include

First Dance Choreography and Coaching



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