DharmaDance is a beingLoved contemporary rite of passage experience that is movement based and creative in nature. 


We each carry a gift, this is our sacred offering to the world. Your gift is indestructable, and like a seed is coded to grow something beautiful. What if we could interact with this gift that lives inside each one of us, and be informed by its wisdom. This gift that we carry is our dharma, our calling, our life on purpose. When we live our life from this place we feel whole and aligned. Our heart's desire becomes our true compass, and we have something meaningful to contribute that is uniquely ours. 


In this potent 4 hour session will move through 5 stages of awareness and change. 

  • The call - we dance and listen to our inner desire

  • Finding our path - we draw the map and begin to live it

  • In the heart of the labyrinth - we find buried treasure

  • Inside to outside - we share our gift with another

  • Blessing - we create a personal ritual to honor the journey

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