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If you are anything like me, you have a desire to live a purposeful life. Maybe you have heard an inner voice urging you to do your real work in the world. Perhaps you gave in to the voices of self-doubt or fear of success and put your dreams on hold, yet again, and again...Or maybe you are ready to begin, and require some guidance or encouragement towards your truth.


I remember a simple and heartfelt declaration leaving my lips in 1996, after about 25 years of being carried along by life and all kinds of various jobs to pay the bills. I said, rather emphatically " I just want to share the best part of myself with people." The next day I walked into a Nia class and for the first time ever, I saw the possibility of blending my vocation with my avocation. 


When we bring forth what is uniquely ours, we live into our birthright and encourage others to find their original medicine as well. Let the inquiry begin.


If you choose to work with me, we will co-create a program designed especially for you and what you are requiring at this moment in your life. 


Coaching : Support : Mentoring



beingLoved Soul Sessions

Receiving support during a transitional time can offer ease and insight that helps integrate your current process with your future success.


Something magical occurs when we slow down, close our eyes and listen to our body. Our awareness grows and we can more easily attune to our inner world. There are many jewels buried in the darkness, many sensations and emotions that are thirsty for our attention. These soul sessions begin with you finding a comfortable place to begin in stillness and relative silence. As an ally on your journey, I will witness your discoveries. I will hold space for you to move or be still, following a "stream of moving consciousness". After a time we will  transition into a one-on-one Circle (see Circling). The entire session can run from 60-90 mins.

Sessions are currently being scheduled MON-SAT 11a-6pm  Read about the experience here.

Most sessions occur at my home studio in South Austin. 

Intimacy Coaching for Men

beingLoved IC sessions are sourced in the precious medicine of compassionate communication and nurturing touch.Generally these sessions are for men, specifically men who crave connection, tenderness and a feeling of safety being vulnerable.  Sometimes we just need to be held, and other times we may find our body seeking an outlet for a release of energy. These sessions serve to restore balance to our nervous system and a coming home to our body as a true resource. Tension has a way of masking sensation, by overriding it. In becoming aware of what your body is already aware of - you can revitalize the dialogue between body and mind. Intimacy can be described by simply noticing the details of sensation as they occur. As your body relaxes - the natural outcome is pleasure and a fundamental and generative experience of aliveness.

Sessions are 60 - 90 mins and occur at my home studio. 

MAP - Personal Sessions

Working with the MAP  allows for our inherent intelligence and deep truth to emerge through somatic and soul based tools.  We enter a liminal state of being, moving through thresholds of knowing and feeling - gradually integrating our truth long after the session has passed. Using this session as a creative launching pad can serve to illuminate the path we are standing on as we honor our past, listen to the now, and imagine our possible future becoming. 


You may choose to work with a specific moment in your past that is requiring resolution, or you may decide to work with a relationship in the past, present and future. The MAP works every time, for everyone...transforming wounds into wonder. 

Authentic Relating - Circling


This work continues to change my life and the lives of others who are getting involved with this emergent culture of authentic living.  With all of this work you will transform, not into something else, or someone else - you will simply become more of who you already are, and feel enthusiastic about sharing this you with your world. 


We will explore what happens when you make contact with someone else - yes that exquisite moment. We will listen to the state of being, we will welcome it to just be as it is, and then lean in a bit as it unfolds, expands, becomes something new. 


This offering can happen one-one-one with me, and you will also be invited to participate in an ongoing weekly circle with a group. For more information on the Art of Circling: please visit The Circling Institute

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