"Circling” is a spiritual practice, transformational modality and way of relating that is growing all over the world. It is a dynamic group process that is part-art-form, part-skillful facilitation and part-relational yoga. It is also a unique modality that can be practiced one-on-one.


While in a "circle"  we will focus on our access to aliveness and connection in the present moment. We may explore thoughts, feelings and desires about the past and the future, but only to the extent that they are alive in the present moment.


By relating in the present moment – beyond stories, expectations and predetermined ideas about who you are – Circling has the capacity to reveal our true essence and cultivate deeper connections. As we engage our genuine curiosity and share our experience of being with you, you discover that who you ARE is more magnificent than any limited idea about who you “should” be. In this way,  Circling is often deeply nourishing and holds potential for spiritual insights and awakenings. 

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