Authentic Movement 


Our body has a language of its own, sensation. We can deepen our relationship with our body and ourselves, by listening to this language, becoming aware of the subtle impulses and impressions and responding, being in dialogue through movement, stillness and breath. 


In this class we will arrive as we are, drop into a deeper somatic awareness, as we listen for what is true, the source of our movement.  We will welcome every gesture, feeling, impression as it occurs and eventually dissolves. We will discover the difference between doing something and allowing something to happen. 


The class format will assemble around these 4 actions.

1.Non verbal Check in 

2.Breath and Movement (guided intro warm up)

3.Witnessed Movement Inquiry (partner work)

4.Closing Circle reflection


Authentic Movement encourages a process of allowing. We can follow where it takes us as it brings us to a new place. No prior experience required, all are welcome. 


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