Authentic Relating Facilitation  Leadership Training 

Authentic Relating as Social Change Alchemy

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"Would you like to inspire authenticity in your job, your school, your church, your family, your community?

There exists in our world an emerging culture of "authenticity."  What does it mean to be authentic or to live an authentic life?

What if you could be part of this emerging culture of authenticity? What does it look like to lead a group or community in living the life that most wants to be lived in them, one where their inner truth can be expressed and reflected by the world they share?  All you need is a map and a desire to share from your heart that which you sense, see, and feel.

This training is for the seasoned Authentic Relating Games Night participant as well as the passionate Lover of Life who gets off on radical honesty and the thrill of being deeply seen.

This training is for anyone who wants to create a lasting feeling of connection and togetherness with any group or team: entrepreneurs, managers, therapists, holistic practitioners, coaches, parents, youth leaders.  Anyone who wants to become a more effective leader—whether for business, community­ building, or personal growth purposes—will gain valuable skills from attending this training.

We will provide training in facilitating interactive partner and group exercises that demonstrate authentic relating while helping participants better appreciate themselves and each other. You will directly experience and cultivate the "super powers" that every AR facilitator lives and grows by: the power of transparency, ownership, making requests, vulnerability, empathy, presence, and more.

Be part of an emerging culture of people who are discovering new ways to bridge the gap. Currently there are emerging AR communities in Austin, Dallas, Boulder, Denver, New York, Jacksonville, Asheville, Boston, Bay Area, DC, Hanoi, Toronto, London, Oahu and the Netherlands to name a few.

If you are new to Authentic Relating, we suggest that you attend at least 2 Authentic Relating Games Nights as a prerequisite for the weekend. 



Your Facilitators 

Liz Ganz is passionate about connection, co-creation and liberation. She has served as a Lead Facilitator for Authentic Houston for over 2 years and is certified as a  Circling Facilitator by Circling Founder Guy Sengstock and Alexis Sheppard of The Circling Institute in Berkeley, CA. Prior experience includes 8 years as a Nia Educational Trainer, and over 25 years designing experiences where people discover a clear path towards their own brilliance.

Mike Blas is a dynamic and compelling leader who loves lighting up a room with his generous enthusiasm for all things living. Mike was a Lead facilitator for Authentic Houston w Liz Ganz, before moving to Austin to become a potent integral member of the Austin Love Juggernaut. Mike is also certified by The Circling Institute and a graduate of SAS, Circling Europe's Training Program, in NYC. Mike will soon have his Masters degree in Industrial Psychology and is passionate about changing the business world through empathy and presence. 







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