Deep Play is an interactive movement meditation where we engage our somatic awareness through active listening to every cell in our body.

We imagine that we can sense, LISTEN to, a multitude of miraculous worlds unto themselves all at once. We then RESPOND to that information through our movement/dance (each persons unique present moment interpretation of that perceived feedback), while simultaneously LETTING GO of every passing moment.

We admit we are in relationship to all that IS. We practice remaining positionless so that we can continue to listen, respond, let go and play (invite being seen practicing radical presence while interacting in the cellular field of wonder)  

You will:

  • BE offered a way to meditate explicitly with your cells 

  • WHILE moving your body to music with beautiful others  

  • FEEL connected to infinite universal wisdom.

  • BENEFITS are: Increased creativity, Increased body awareness, Life practice that informs every waking hour if you choose it, vanishing self-consciousness, dissolution of patterns (redundancy in your system), crazy fun, relaxation at a cellular level, and feeling your body as an artist of everything. 

Deep Play calls forth your wild and tender places all at once and takes your inner boredom where it belongs....out on a date with the unknown...This is authentic relating without words/ groove making without expectations /
risky moments of actual human connection with a musical score that defies description...




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