Gabriela Masala M.Ed

August 18, 2015


     I received the most sacred gift of a Circling Session with Liz Ganz. Even over Skype I felt held in her warmth, radiance, and total allowing of safe, incubative space for my bubbling expression to emerge.  I came through the experience feeling she had served as a midwife for my deepest heart.  She has a masterful ability to contain, witness and ignite vulnerability  and authenticity.  The truth telling and love being she encourages and reflects were exactly what I needed.  I touched potent places within me that were ripe for fruition. I experienced deep healing and reclamation of innate genius.  It was nothing short of soul retrieval. I completed the session feeling fortified, seen, heard, uplifted and  more deeply embodied…Loved…from the inside out, and the outside in, immersed in the company and skillful facilitation of an angel.


Joi Ross Moore

July 1, 2015

beingLoved soul sessions

Deep diving with Liz creates immense expansion in my body. She creates and holds sacred space and I step in with full trust in her ability to facilitate my inner journey, wherever it leads me. Through our work together, I’ve accessed places that had been locked away behind doors of fear and faulty beliefs. When I drift to old patterns Liz meets me at those patterns and guides me through their release. Liz’s relational artistry is a gift filled with inspiration and connection.  I’m a grateful receiver.  


Marc Dougherty

June 3, 2015

beingLoved soul sessions     

I recently did an authentic movement and circling session with Liz Ganz. The experience was one of the most profound and cathartic “healing” sessions I have ever done (and I have done many, in many different types of modalities!)


Prior to meeting Liz I had not known anything about either authentic movement or circling (apart from some very vague youtube videos on circling and positive sentiments from friends) and so I showed up with an open mind, feeling very curious, as well as a bit apprehensive about the session. However, immediately upon arriving and being in Liz’s presence all apprehension disappeared and I felt a deep sense of peace, comfort, trust and safety. This paved the way for a very unique and transformative journey through a 15-20 minute session of authentic movement, followed by a 1 on 1 circling session (45 minutes or so), in which many deep-seeded, raw, and intimate things surfaced and were made aware so that they could be witnessed, processed and healed.


More specifically, there were things that came up for me in our session and that I was able to observe and understand around some anxiety issues that I have been dealing with for over 10 years, issues that had not surfaced nor been addressed in the past decade (when my anxiety issues began) despite countless therapy sessions (100s) over the course of many years with many different therapists, thousands of hours of deep insight through meditation and yoga, nor through the numerous other spiritual and transformative healing workshops and seminars I have done over the years.


After our session, I returned home that evening and picked up my guitar, a notebook, and a pen and begin writing some music, something I have not done in a long time.. By the next morning and I had 3 songs nearly complete and much bottled up self-expression and creativity was flowing again (I hadn’t written anything in months and I hadn’t written anything of the caliber and of a degree of personal liking like that in over a year, at least!). I have also never written so much music in such a short time span. I felt a sense of self-confidence, security, and self-love that I had not felt in a long time!


I have no doubt that the combination of Liz’s unique approach and her deep and unwavering sense of presence were essential to the experience that I had and the emotional release that occurred with it. I am confident that during the experience I was able to let go of many things not conducive to my growth in the form of thoughts, memories, and experiences that I had been holding onto and unaware of, for a long time (many things from my childhood and adolescence that I had been repressed until our session).


I highly recommend a session with Liz to anyone who is looking to transcend or shed some light on any obstacles or emotional blocks in their lives, either for new issues in their journey, or for any long-term and lingering issues that they have not been able to resolve or heal with traditional therapy or healing modalities. The one caveat I have however is be careful what you wish for! If you’re accustomed to your pain and suffering and not serious about leaving it behind and making room for transformation and growth (in a possibly very quick and highly effective manner), then a session with Liz may not be for you!


Maria La Macchia - Minneapolis, MN

EMERGENCE intensive weekend

February 2016


I attended the EMERGENCE Circling retreat in February 2016. The name of this retreat is very fitting because it has been over a year from the time of this retreat and I am still repeating the benefits and EMERGING as a new version of myself. During the retreat I had the opportunity to experience an activity that Liz designed which combines art and dance. The way Liz facilitated this gave me the opportunity to reach deep into the depths of the mind, heart, and soul. Being no artist, I had no idea how the drawing portion of the activity would come out, but when accompanied with dance, the art seemed to create itself. Combing movement with color really captured the essence of what I was feeling in a way that I have never experienced before. Liz instructed us to choose a place on the floor and our canvas that would represent our past, present, and future. The roller coaster that was dance and color truly expressed part of me that I did not know existed but was willing and ready EMERGE. I am finally writing from the place of future, a joyous place that I had only known of from writing and creating it in the activity. Over the past year I have been struggling with mental anguish, slowly making my way through the past and present. Every once in a while I would look upon that picture and know where I was in my journey through pain. It has served quite literally as a timeline and without it I would not have had much hope of knowing that the pain would someday lift. I am so fulfilled, feeling like I have truly EMERGED and I am so grateful for Liz's genius creation. Liz's activities can help those who need a more creative and unique way of tapping into themselves. I highly recommend attending her retreats. Liz is a great guide and can assist people alike through transforming themselves.



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