About beingLived

beingLived is a living system that sources innate wisdom and embodied experience while empowering the heart of humanity to reveal and claim life as our lover, and choice as our teacher.    


"Originally designed as a performance practice, the healing potential of this work spoke for itself as several variations of the practice came into form. The name even changed to beingLoved, which is the over arching title for everything that I now offer. This particular practice is wholly unique and my most authentic offering to the world. Life is being lived through us. In fact, we are experience itself. So today, April 15, 2018...beingLived will take back her name, and thrive again. "     UPCOMING EVENT NOV 4, 2018 




The beingLived MAP is a linear tool used to measure and express the non-linear co-existence of our past, present, and future.

Developed exclusively by Liz Ganz

Map by Janet (Belle) Bell

beingLived is an integrative system of radical - one session - change work that uses real life experience as the source for awareness and embodied wisdom. This practice offers a living system of creative soul work by taking the disparate concepts of past, present and future and integrating them into one, expansive, all inclusive Now. We co create an open field of freedom, artistic exploration, empathic listening and universal human experience. We do this through somatic recapitulation, a process of remembering and feeling for authentic stored response in our body.  We source emotional gesture, mindful movement, vocal expression, journaling, art and conscious dance. Integral to this process is the creation of a living MAP which is an abstract representation of one's life journey.


beingLived leads with these questions - What if our life really is offering everything to us, right now, for our individual and collective evolution and for us to live into our greatest potential? What if every experience, relationship, choice was offered as a clue, a code even, that we unlock through the cultivation of empathy and insight, empowering us through our own self-knowing awareness, our inner truth?


Everything in this life is being offered for our soul to evolve, everything. Our choices and how we respond can be viewed as a map of our consciousness with a rich tapestry of information for us to absorb and utilize. 


This work is social change alchemy for in feeling to transform your own past wounding, you are aligning with the evolutionary pulse of our universe. By developing our ability to reshape and redirect our inner experiences, we have more freedom of choice, more power to create the future and fully participate in the co creation of the New Earth. Love is the light that shines onto our path so that we can transform our wounds into wonder and experience our life as the brilliant gift that it is intended to be.

How does it work?

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